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The first e-commerce of natural stone is Italy’s first platform for the sale of custom-made marble, granite and natural stone materials and solutions.
Our advanced configurator allows you to choose and customize the product that best suits your needs, you can order it at home or decide to book a pickup at our locations.

From the Lab to the Web is a domain owned by Terzi Service S.r.l. Our reality was founded in 1955 in Zandobbio in the province of Bergamo, a town famous for the extraction of compact crystalline dolomite known in literature as Dolomia of Zandobbio and more commonly referred to as Marmo bianco di Zandobbio. We are in fact in a mining locality and an industrial hub recognized worldwide for the processing of marble and granite. This is where our workshop and passion for natural stone has developed over the years.

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Terzi is craftsmanship and experience. It is in the production workshop, where the stone is worked, that the perfect combination must be: a creative blend that combines the expert hands of the craftsman, the patience and attention to detail of the master craftsman with the use of more modern machinery and new production techniques that always push us beyond the limits of stone work. Terzi is process innovation. Technological transformation, digital strategies and continuous improvement are the fundamental elements of the company’s growth. Third parties is product innovation.

Stone should no longer be conceived only as a product destined for particular areas and specific niches in the building industry; we want to give greater value to a decorative natural element with unique characteristics of strength and beauty, through research and continuous experimentation with new uses and processing for furniture.

4 Workshops.
We are present throughout Italy with 2 workshops in Bergamo, 1 in Verona and 1 in Trani.
Customized quotations.
We carry out any custom project, from the most classic works (floors, wall tiles, thresholds, window sills, stairs) to turnkey development of private residences, complex buildings and luxury hotels.
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From a small local company we acquired experience and expertise over time, coming to cover the entire supply chain thanks to the verticalized control of all processes. From the purchase of slabs and materials we soon move on to the craftsmanship of individual pieces, to arrive at providing a complete design service including supply and installation.
Thanks to an established network of suppliers and partners we carefully select materials from the best quarries and from manufacturers recognized throughout the world.
The ample space in our own warehouses and several workshops in Italy allow us to handle custom orders quickly and at advantageous costs.
Terzi Service today stands at the forefront of technology with a fleet of machinery that is always up to date and highly specialized workers.


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