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What is the dripstone?

The dripstone is nothing more than an incision made in the lower part of the sill and functions as a drip breaker.

This simple but ingenious solution ensures that water does not run from under the windowsill to the adjacent wall, thus preventing unsightly wet patches and consequent mould and dirt stains.

The dripstone is set back from the vertical edge, i.e. the outermost point, by about 1.5cm.



Our dripstones have a thickness of 9 mm and a depth of 5 mm to allow water to drain away quickly even in heavy rain.

When to select the dripstone when purchasing your Window Sill?

The selection of the dripstone from the menu should be made when the window sill you wish to purchase is to be placed externally, and therefore it is superfluous to select this processing for all internal counter sills.

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