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How to measure a threshold?

The first tip is to ask the person who will be installing the threshold itself, i.e. the company carrying out the renovation work for you or a bricklayer, to take the measurements. This will enable you to order your made-to-measure threshold with the certainty that the data taken is correct in terms of height, length and width.

If, on the other hand, you wish to take the measurements yourself consider the following variables:


The length of the outer threshold is determined by considering that it should be positioned below the window frame and where possible it should be extended approximately 3 cm per side beyond the window frame.

In some cases, when it is not possible to make the sill wider than the window frame due to the difficulty of breaking through concrete walls, for example, there is the possibility of creating a sill insertion notch that leaves the front visible by the required 3 cm, shortening the non-visible part and thus facilitating insertion.

The width of the outer threshold (the short side), on the other hand, starts a few cm (usually 3 cm) outside the outer cladding and ends up placed a few cm inside the door frame, leaving the threshold visible from the inside as well, other indicative details only on the inside, or more often it ends up placed below the thickness of the door. In the latter case it will not be visible internally except when the door is opened.


The length (the long side) of the internal threshold is also calculated by placing it a few cm below the door jamb on which it rests. As mentioned above, it is at floor level and therefore no additional processes should be selected.

The width, on the other hand, can be arbitrarily decided according to aesthetic requirements and also end up as a batten visible from both rooms that the door delimits, or end up in the middle of the door, thus only visible from one side.

Take care to carefully measure all the dimensions of your future threshold and then communicate them to our e-commerce site in order to create tailor-made thresholds and products created according to your needs.


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